Sunday, 3 December 2017

December News

Image result for advent imagesWelcome to December!  

We have a very busy 3 weeks ahead of us in anticipation for the Christmas holidays!

We have started our unit on Christmas Around the World.  Each student randomly chose a country and has begun to research various facts surrounding Christmas traditions in that country.  They have been given a template in which to help guide their research. 

Then they will transfer their knowledge to prepare a Google Slide presentation and will have the opportunity to present their findings to the class!   
Although this project is to be done at school, students are welcome to do a bit of research at home if they wish.  The Google Slides are to be done at school though.
All information  surrounding this project is on students' Hapara workspace, located on their student portal. 

Students have also been writing Persuasive letters. We started off writing a letter together as a class to Mrs. MacPhee and Mme Philippe.  We are trying to persuade them to let our class have a Christmas party before the Holiday break.  Here is what we came up with together!  Do you think it is persuasive enough?

November 22, 2017

Dear Mrs. MacPhee and Mme Philippe,

Our class would like your permission to have a Christmas party in our classroom before the Christmas break.  

We thought that because our Halloween dance was cancelled, that we could replace it with a class Christmas party.  We were devastated, but would be much happier if we could have some fun!

Also, we have been VERY good students so far this year.  We have worked incredibly hard to master our subjects!  Our math test scores have been spectacular and our reading and writing assignments have been superb.

We promise that we will work especially hard before the party to finish all of our work and our work will be flawless!

We thank you for considering our request for a Christmas party.  We would also love it if you would come and celebrate with us!  


Your loveable and hardworking Grade 4 students from Mrs. D’Souza’s class.  

Students have written a persuasive letter to parents.  They have tried to persuade parents to buy them a certain Christmas gift.  Here is the Anchor Chart we have been using in class to guide student writing.


We have finished our Unit on Number Patterns.  Students did well, but I noticed that they need to recheck their work more often in order to make sure patterns are increasing or decreasing correctly (addition and subtraction was sometimes incorrect).  Math tests will be sent home shortly for you to sign and return.

Or next unit is 2-D Geometry.  Our focus will be on quadrilaterals, angles, and symmetry.  Here is our vocabulary list as it is now.  It will increase as we continue through the unit.  

Our end task (culminating activity) will be to draw an Angry Birds level where students will design a structure using knowledge of 2-D geometric concepts listed above.  


1st Advent Celebration is on December 4th
The White Elephant sale is December 7th
2nd Advent Celebration will be on December 11th
Christmas Musical will be on December 13th
Advent Mass will be on December 19th
Junior Craft Day - TBA
Christmas Sing-a-Long - December 22nd
Mrs. D'Souza's Class Christmas Party - TBA
Christmas Holidays Dec. 25 2017-Jan. 5, 2018

As always, if there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact me!  I wish you and your families a safe and relaxing Christmas Holiday! 

Sunday, 5 November 2017

November News

Dear Parents and Students,

November is here already!  Two months have flown by and we are busy busy busy!

Language News: 

Our Grade 4 class continues to receive pen pal letters from the Grade 4 class at Holy Spirit School in Stittsville (my daughter's class!).  They are so excited to read them and right away start to write their response letters.  We are learning how to write a friendly letter.  Here is the song we use to learn the process:
Friendly Letter Song
(Itsy Bitsy Spider)

I am a friendly letter.

My heading’s at the top.
Slide over to the right to
write the date & then I stop.

And then I put Dear Someone” with a comma (,) at the end.
Next I go write the body,
my message to my friend.

I choose a closing like Your friend or Love forever more.
I end it with a comma (,) of that I’m very sure.

I sign my first & last name
and now I’m at the end.
And my perfect friendly letter,
I’m ready now to send.

We have finished our Procedural Writing Assignment "The Witches' Brew".  Students did very well and the assessment will be coming home for parents to sign and return.

We will be starting a research assignment "Christmas Around the World" where students will be researching Christmas traditions in a different country and presenting their findings in a google slide presentation to the class.  Success Criteria will be given to the students so they know what to expect.  

Image result for wonder images

WONDER!!  We are almost finished our read-aloud, Wonder, by R.J. Palacio.  The students have been enthralled and constantly want me to read more.  The movie is coming out on November 17th and I encourage the students to see it, so that we may compare and contrast the book and movie.  I will be taking my daughter on Sunday, November 19th!  Hope to see you there!


We are finished with our unit on Addition and Subtraction.  The quiz will be given on Tuesday and review sheets were sent home last week.  
Please sign and return the quiz when it comes home.

Our next units will be Number Patterns and Geometry.  


Progress Reports went home on November 2nd.  If you have not sent back the bottom portion of the report with the brown envelope, please do so as soon as possible.

Parent/Teacher interviews will be held Thursday, November 16th.  This is a time where we can discuss your child's progress; their strengths and also areas of need.  Please sign up using the link sent home with the Progress Reports.  I look forward to meeting with you.  We are a team and need to work together to help your child meet with success.

We continue to raise money for The United Way.  Please bring in a donation on Wednesday, November 8th and wear your favourite hat and/or Jersey!  

Our food drive is in full swing.  We need 1000 cans and then will mummify our principal!  So bring in your donations!

Our Remembrance Day Liturgy will be held on Friday, November 10th at 10:45 a.m.  You are welcome to join us.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call the school or write a note in your child's agenda.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

October News

Image result for give thanks clipart
Welcome to October!

We have some fun and exciting activities and events coming up this month.

Image result for Read TheoryI have sent home Read Theory parent letters.  Students are welcome to log-in and use the reading program both at home and at school (when they have some extra time).  It is a great program which accurately places and tracks your child's reading levels.  I will be checking in to track their progress!
Image result for Choose Kind Wonder

We continue our Read Aloud "Wonder".  The students have been reflecting and making connections throughout.  They are also making predictions about the characters and what they think will happen later in the story.  We continue to discuss being kind to each other, which is so evident in the story.

Image result for Reading BuddiesOur class has paired up with a Grade One class for book buddies.  We will be visiting them each Tuesday afternoon for a little story time.  It is wonderful to see our Grade 4's taking on the roles of teachers and role models to the younger students.

We have received our first set of pen pal letters from our Grade 4 friends at Holy Spirit School in Stittsville.  The students were so excited to read them and after a lesson on letter writing, they went straight to work on their response letters!  We hope to continue this through the year and eventually see each other using Google Hangouts and maybe even in person!
Image result for Witch cauldron clip art
Our class will be starting Procedural Writing soon.  We will be writing about how to create a "Witches' Brew"!  Students will be thinking about different parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs etc.) to create the perfect witches' brew.


In Math, we have been working on concepts surrounding Place Value.  Students have been using base ten materials (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands), and number lines to assist with understanding.  We have finished rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  Students have enjoyed playing rounding games both online (Prodigy) and with groups of students (board games).  A review will be sent home and our first Math Test will be Tuesday, October 10th.  Please spend a little time over the long weekend (between your turkey and pumpkin pie) to take a look at the review and help your child if needed.  This is merely a review for your child's benefit.  It will not be assessed.
Image result for place value clip art

Our next unit of study will be Addition and Subtraction of two-digit numbers.

*P.D. Day October 6 - NO SCHOOL! *Library days for English will be every Friday. (We will try to go on Thursdays is there is a P.D. day or Holiday on Friday)  Please bring in your books either before, or the day of.
*Reading buddies are on Tuesdays.
*If your child has their own Chromebook, please make sure they have a protective case for it.  It would be a shame if a Chromebook was dropped on the floor and broken. It does happen, unfortunately.  Remember, your child is responsible for their own device.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me by writing a note in your child's agenda or call the school.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Mrs. D'Souza