Sunday, 8 April 2018

April News

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Welcome to April, Grade 4 families!  I know that the spring weather will be here soon!  

There is a lot happening in the school within the next 3 months!  Please make sure to read the newsletters carefully and mark down any important dates.

     In Language, we are continuing our read-a-loud "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".  We have been discussing the vocabulary, which can be quite challenging in this book.  The students also completed a "Wanted" poster for one of the characters in the story.  
     Students have also been researching a musician that they enjoy.  They have written a short biography on their musician's life and will be presenting their findings to the class in the next week or two.
     We are continuing to correspond with our Grade 4 friends at Holy Spirit School in Stittsville.  We will likely write one or two more letters to them before the end of the year.
     Students have been focusing on "Inferring" as one of our reading strategies.  They have been shown a book without words and came up with many interesting ideas about the plot, setting and characters.  They will be adding text to the story, using their own thoughts and ideas.  They will present their version of the story to the class.

     In Math, we have finished our Data Management Unit and are now focusing on Linear Measurement (mm, cm, dm, m, km) and will be continuing to learn about perimeter and area before moving on to Time. 

Notes:  When the spring weather actually gets here, please be sure to pack extra socks and pants in your child's backpack.  It gets very muddy and wet on the playground.  Rubber boots are a must if your child plays on the grass (a.k.a. mud!)

April 10th:  Easter mass at 11:00 a.m.  All are welcome to attend.
April 16-20th:  GV Book Fair
April 27th:  P.D. Day - no school!

Please continue to follow our class on Twitter @pattidsouza1

Sunday, 25 February 2018

March News

March News

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Our Lenten Project

Lent is a time when we reflect on the sacrifice made by Jesus, and to help prepare ourselves for the Easter season. This year, our Board’s spiritual theme is “Sent to Be the Good News”, which reminds us to spread the word of God through our actions. Beginning February 20 - March 29, in the spirit of almsgiving, we will be having a toiletry item collection for the men and women of the Shepherds of Good Hope. Each grade will be assigned a different toiletry item to collect, such as bars of soap, new socks, and shampoo. Students will also have a chance to participate in our “Giving Days” during Lent - three special days that students can participate in by making a small donation of a toonie. Payment will also be available online, using our Cash Online tool.

We would encourage you to help engage your child in the earning of the money in order to participate in these “Giving Days”, through actions at home such as extra chores to earn the $2. This will help increase the impact they are making this Lenten season.

Thank you for your continued support of this worthy cause.
“Giving Days”
Feb 27 - Hat Day
Mar 6 - Extended Recess
Mar 27 - Backwards/Inside Out Day

Toiletry Collection Feb 20-Mar 29
Socks (adult sizes)
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
toothbrushes/toothpaste/hair combs
Grade 4
Bars of soap
Grade 5
Grade 6
Shaving cream

Other Dates to remember:

March 12-16: March Break (no school)
March 30: Good Friday (no school)
April 1: Easter Sunday
April 2: Easter Monday (no school)

We are finishing up our Data Management Unit (test this week or early next week).
Review will be done at school.

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We will begin reviewing basic multiplication facts up to 7x7. Students in Grade 4 are expected to know basic facts up to 9x9.

I strongly encourage families to review these with their children, as it will help when we begin learning 2-digit x 1-digit equations. I will be conducting a diagnostic test to see where students are and go from there. I will send the results home so you can help your child appropriately. There are many apps to download that can help with daily practice. (flash cards, etc...)
If needed, extra practice work can/will be sent home.

I have set up accounts for Raz-Kids levelled reading.  It is located on the Student Portal.  Students are encouraged to read daily at their appropriate level.  Usernames and passwords are located in student agendas.

Students will be focusing on Recount and will be reading biographies about Olympic athletes and also a famous person of their choice.
They will create a slide presentation and typed document for display in the hallway.
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Our next read-a-loud will be The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  Students will be focusing on the reading strategy "Visualisation" and will be completing many activities based on this.  When we are finished reading the book, we will watch the movie in order to compare and contrast them.  They will also create a "Wanted" poster.

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If possible, please provide your child with a pair of earphones which can be kept in their backpacks. It helps to block out distractions when students are reading and writing on their Chromebooks.  If your child has their own Chromebook, please send it to school daily as we will continue to be using them on a regular basis. 

Homework duotangs will resume this week.  They will be sent home on Friday, to be returned by the following Thursday.  We will be focusing on reviewing phonetic sounds and spelling, as well as some math review.  
As usual, if there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

~Mrs. D'Souza

Monday, 5 February 2018

February News

February News 2018

February 5-9 is GV Spirit Week!  The schedule is listed below:

February 5th -9th, will be our GV Spirit Week. What a great way for us to promote sportsmanship, collaboration and fair play through interactive and fun activities.
Monday: February 5th - Crazy Hair Day and Hat Day.
This is your chance to show off your craziest hair do or to wear your favourite hat to school without having your teacher tell you to take it off!
Tuesday: February 6th - Crazy Sock Day
The winners of our Media Contest will take on the role of Principal and Vice-Principal for the Day. Principal Layla (Gr. 3 student)  and Vice-Principals, Veronique, Reece, Ella, and Melissa (Gr. 6 students) have declared this GV Kindness Day.  
They say “ Sock it to Bullying” - wear socks on your feet, or decorate yourself using socks in creative ways.
Wednesday: February 7th - Pajama Day
The students are welcome to get cozy by wearing their pajamas and slippers. They may also bring a small stuffed animal.
Thursday: February 8th - Crazy Sweater Day Contest
Thursday, February 8th is Sweater Day at Georges Vanier. We will be participating by turning down the heat in the school. So cozy up in a special sweater and help save energy. Sweater Day is all about valuing energy!
We will have a Sweater Day Contest - the class with the greatest number of special, unique and crazy sweaters will win a Makerspace lunch, while munching on popcorn and healthy snacks!  
Friday: February 9th GV Winter Olympics - Please wear your Georges Vanier Spirit Wear or dress in our school colours, red and white! Go Generals!
During first and second block, students will be participating in the GV Winter Olympics. Students from grades 1-6 will participate in outdoor activities during Blocks 1 and 2 (weather permitting).  Our kindergarten students will also be participating in outdoor (for a shortened  period of time) and in the gym.
All students are reminded to dress appropriately for outdoor play (e.g., warm winter coat, snow pants, warm socks and boots, hat, neck-warmer and mitts).  
During 3rd block, the children are asked to bring in an educational game to enjoy with their classmates.  
Block 4 - Student vs Teacher Broomball Game
Grade 6 students have challenged teachers to a Broomball Game. All students will participate by cheering on their team of choice.  Go Teachers!   Go Students!

We hope to enjoy a wonderful Winter Carnival Week.  Thank you in advance for your support!
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Valentine's Day is approaching!
This year Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day fall on the same date (Wednesday, Feb. 14th). Due to the solemnity of 'Ash Wednesday,' we will be celebrating 'Valentine's Day' on Tuesday, February 13th. If your child is planning to distribute 'Valentine's Day' cards, etc., please plan for him/her to do this on Tuesday the 13th. Thank- you for your understanding. 
Our afternoon English class will be handing out Valentine's. Here is the list of names:
Dominic Andrew Alyssa T
Cara Joe Dawson
Katelynn Richard Talia
Erika Caitlyn
Marco Mia M.
Betty Katie
Alyssa F. Madeliene
Ryan Lauren
Jordan Saymard
Nathan Adam
Mia J. Ben
**If sending chocolates/candy, please ensure all treats are peanut free**

We have started our Math Unit on Data Management and Probability.  We will be analysing and creating various graphs and charts throughout.  Here is some of the vocabulary we will be studying:
We will also be studying Double Bar graphs as well as Median and Mode.
We are continuing to read "The One and Only Ivan" as our class read-a-loud. We will focus on the reading strategy of Inferring.
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Term 1 Report Cards will be sent home on Tuesday, February 13th.
Pancake Breakfast - Tuesday, February 13th
Ash Wednesday - Wednesday, February 14th
Valentine's Day - Wednesday,  February 14th (celebrating on Tuesday, February 13th)
Family Day - Monday, February 19th
Parent-Teacher Interviews - Thursday, February 22nd
*Please make sure your child has extra socks packed in their backpacks.  Wet feet are no fun!
*Some students are complaining that they are hungry and have no afternoon snack.  Please be sure to pack your child enough food for the day. 
I'm looking forward to a wonderful month!